Instant Approval Through Automated Mortgage Underwriting

The staff at 1st Residential Funding realizes some borrowers are anxious to know how much money they will qualify for on a home loan. A loan officer will review work history, credit, monies available if needed, and any special circumstances over the phone to determine the amount you will qualify for.

Mortgage pre-approval can be obtained almost instantly using one of our automated underwriting programs. This will then enable the Florida home buyer to better negotiate the purchase price of your future home. Sellers love buyers who have already been approved for their mortgage loan and at 1st Residential we are able to obtain mortgage loan approvals almost instantly after receiving the application package.

Our streamlined automated underwriting programs through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae enable us to close a loan in as little as 10 business days. We have first class people at 1st Residential who are dedicated to getting loans approved and closed quickly.

To see if you qualify for this automated underwriting approval system for your new home purchase or to simply refinance a current property, contact us via our online form,email us, or call us now at 1888 854-RATE



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