Six Stress Free Steps to a Home Loan



Step 1: Contact Us

Our highly skilled mortgage loan originators will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding the program that suits your borrowing needs. Simply contact us at any time.  We are looking forward to discussing all the options with you so you can make an educated decision

Step 2: Get pre- qualified for a loan (takes just 8-10 minutes)

It takes about 8 minutes over the phone to get you pre-qualified so you can start looking for a new home or see if you can benefit by refinancing a home you own. We can also go one step further and get you a pre-approval! Its just that easy!

Step 3: Complete and Sign Application (24 hours)

One of the greatest benefits to working with us is that you may choose not to leave home. Nor do you have to spend hours filling out mountains of paperwork. With your documents, we will fill out your application for you. We do all the work! Within 24 hours of receiving your documentation and preparing your application, we will email you via a secured link your completed a loan application along the loan estimate and all other required disclosures you need to sign, you can even sign right online from the comfort of your home or office. Of course we love visitors so you can always come to the office and meet with us, it’s totally up to you

Step 4: Processing the Application and Initial Underwrite (7-10 business)

Once we receive your signed application and have all supporting documents we will order the property appraisal. Then an appraiser local to your area will be assigned to review the property. We will submit your application and all documents you provided to the underwriter who will review this information. In the meantime, we are doing the behind the scenes work, ordering title work, contacting the insurance agent you have chosen and collecting any other documents. At any time, we encourage you to contact your mortgage loan specialist regarding questions you may have or just for an update on the progress. You can text email or call your personal loan originator anytime.

Step 5: Underwriting the Loan for Final Approval (48hours)

Once we have your conditional approval we can send out your Closing Disclosure (CD) for your review. This must be done 3 days or more prior to closing. After the initial underwrite and appraisal review we collect any other items requested by the underwriter and submit for final approval. This is usually reviewed and cleared for closing within 48 hours.

Step 6: Closing

Closing documents will be prepared by the lender and provided to the closing agent (Title Company or lawyer). You attend your scheduled closing and sign all the documents and DONE!


At 1st Residential Funding we are with you every step of the way to make your experience simple and stress free with the knowledge and support of your dedicated loan specialist. If you’re thinking of buying a new home or refinancing one you can count on us to be available anytime you need us.

Start your application by calling 1 888 854-RATE (7283) or emailing us and we will do the rest.

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