Things You Need


Buying a Home? You will need to have these documents ready:

Two consecutive paystubs ( a month’s worth) that show year to date income

W-2 statements for past two years

If retired, most recent social security award letter and proof of pension

Most recent 2 months bank statements on all accounts (ALL PAGES, even if blank)

Most recent monthly or quarterly statement for any retirement/ investment accounts, ALL PAGES (such as 401K, IRA, etc)

Copy of complete personal tax returns for past two years ( in some cases, ie: you own other properties, have commissioned or bonus income or self- employed)

If you or any co borrower is self- employed, a complete copy of your business tax returns for past two years

Copy of the divorce decree and property settlement agreement if applicable

Clear copy of borrower(s) driver license

Lenders or underwriters might require additional documentation specific to the type of loan you desire but these basic ones should get you started. For purchase mortgages, be sure to have your purchase agreement and real estate contract on hand. For refinance applications, bring along your home insurance policy and most recent mortgage statement.

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