Step 1.

Gather the items listed on the document checklist if you are purchasing a home or your refinancing checklist if you are refinancing your home. You can do his even before having an accepted contract if you are purchasing, it really saves valuable time. If you are refinancing your home do this as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Step 2.

Meet with your mortgage loan originator to complete your loan application within 24 hours of contract acceptance for purchases. For refinances do this as soon as possible to avoid delays. You can also scan and email via our secure email link, fax or come see us!

Step 3.

If you desire a home inspection for a new home purchase work with you realtor to schedule this immediately.

Step 4.

Work with your mortgage specialist to ensure the appraisal is ordered to meet your contract deadline. If refinancing, as soon as the intent to proceed and all disclosures have been received and electronically signed we will order your appraisal.<

Step 5.

Adhere to any requests in a timely manner if additional documents are requested from your mortgage specialist. The faster you respond the quicker your loan closes.

Step 6.

If possible, avoid a closing on or close to last day of the month (these days tend to be very busy for title companies and lenders)

Step 7.

Don’t move monies between accounts, don’t make any deposits other that paychecks, don’t apply for or open new credit (don’t make big purchase, the furniture will have to wait).If you aren’t sure ask your mortgage specialist first.

Step 8.

If purchasing a home decide on which homeowner’s agent you will be utilizing for homeowners insurance and let your mortgage know right away. If refinancing your mortgage specialist will handle this for you.

Step 9.

Communication is the key! Before you do anything ask us first! Remember once pre-approved we must know of any changes as it may change your ability to qualify for a home loan. We would prefer you contact us anytime if you have any questions. Text, email, or phone we are here for you!

Step 10.

Count on us to smoothly guide you right to the closing table.

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